March, 2012 Archive

Brits abroad miss home after four days…

I love days when there is no news. The programmes still need to fill their time and the more esoteric articles they are sent have a chance of getting air time. Last weekend was a beauty. Apparently Brits on holiday abroad start to miss home after 4 days and 14 hours! We supposedly miss our […]

Conde Nast: Britain’s Best Beaches

After I posted the last article regarding us escaping the notice of voters in Trip Advisor’s Best Beaches of the World a few lovely folk dropped me notes to point me in the direction of such lists that do include the gorgeous beaches of west Cornwall. Conde Nast topped my favourites by including Sennen and […]

Trip Advisor’s Best Beaches of the world

Trip Advisor emailed its massive data bases today with an update on its Best Beaches in the world chart. 25 stunning beaches across the world, from tropical islands to nearby (ish) Spain. To an extent I was disappointed that the absolute gems of Cornwall like Porthcurno, Penvounder and Sennen weren’t included. But I soon consoled […]

Shed working. The Cornish Way.

No matter where you might be, you still need moeny to get by. Today I considered my way of going about earning said crust was a most pleasurable one. The shed/studio was build just after we finished New Forge Cottage, but until now I had no broadband there and so it ended up being a […]

Stunning at Gwenver. 1 March 2012

  There are days when even the concept of working in doors is a cruel one. Today was certainly one such. At 7.00 am the sun was already burning off the morning mist as Polly and I made our first trip to Gwenver for the day. The rest of the morning was spent with Dave […]