Brits abroad miss home after four days…

I love days when there is no news.

The programmes still need to fill their time and the more esoteric articles they are sent have a chance of getting air time. Last weekend was a beauty.

Apparently Brits on holiday abroad start to miss home after 4 days and 14 hours! We supposedly miss our cups of tea, our pets and familiar food (that’ll be curry then). This has become shorter since mobiles enable anyone to call and text friends pretty much when they fancy.

The easy answer stares them in the face I suggest.

Holiday in Cornwall! You only need three people flying somewhere to make up Britain’s rather more expensive accommodation costs. From Sennen and Tregiffian we have great pubs within walking distance, some of the world’s best beaches, amazing British staples like pizza and curry in Penzance that’ll beat pretty much anywhere you care to try.

Oh and if you do fancy a roast dinner the butchers in St Just are an experience as well as a trip back in time.

There are a couple of weeks available in Myn Tea and The Old Dairy at the end of April. Both can be booked online at

Myn Tea is a luxury barn conversion with stunning views out towards the Scilly Isles, it sleeps four and has its own private garden. The Old Dairy is a great traditional Cornish cottage that sleeps six.