Trip Advisor’s Best Beaches of the world

Trip Advisor emailed its massive data bases today with an update on its Best Beaches in the world chart. 25 stunning beaches across the world, from tropical islands to nearby (ish) Spain.

To an extent I was disappointed that the absolute gems of Cornwall like Porthcurno, Penvounder and Sennen weren’t included. But I soon consoled myself with the thought that the beauty of our favourites could quickly be spoiled by the marauding hoards descending upon us should we win the fame of such a global site.

In the meantime the lucky ones will trek to Cornwall all year round for the sheer joy of getting up early and making the first footprints across the virgin sand.

Last week at Gwenver Polly and I were first on the beach after the tide dropped a couple of times. It seemed both beautiful, and something of a sacrilege to let her run across the pristine sand.