Shed working. The Cornish Way.

No matter where you might be, you still need moeny to get by.

Today I considered my way of going about earning said crust was a most pleasurable one.

The shed/studio was build just after we finished New Forge Cottage, but until now I had no broadband there and so it ended up being a cool place to sleep when the house is full, or to go and have quite time, likewise when the house is full.

shed working, Tregiffian

Today I got it sussed though, and wrote about the Diamond Jubilee, and an opticians, while the sun beat in, the birds chattered in their excited frenzy, and even a few bees had started to buzz.

If you have to work, choose your place wisely. And what a lovely moto on the wall, Anthony Burrill poster courtesy of haunt of all things cool Concrete Hermit. That’s KC all over.

shed working in style

The studio is available to guests too by request at

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