St Michael’s Mount – still blows me away

Having grown up in West Cornwall it would be easy to take the beauty of our surroundings for granted, and indeed I drive past St Michael’s Mount quite often without even glancing over at it, but last night I was on my way back to Myn Tea and had to stop to stare at the St Levan’s family seat.

I had only been away for a fortnight, but a combination of warm sun and rather too much rain has helped the hedgerows leap up. It made me think of a dear friend who would give his folks a hard time for commenting on obvious stuff like “the evenings are pulling out”. And I thought last night how it’s worth noting the passing of the seasons and stopping and thinking about it, even though it happens year in year out.

I love the simplicity of the weeds pushing up and lending their colour to our days. Polly and I were out as soon as the rain stopped today, absorbing the intensity of it all.


Hopefully I’ll get some good shots off the balcony over the next few days too.