The Wheel House, Falmouth. The best eating experience in Cornwall!

The senior roles we used to both hold have meant that we have had the good fortune to eat in some of Britain’s most amazing restaurants, but unfortunately rarely together.

We put that right on Friday night with dinner at The Wheel House in Falmouth.

Do I really want to pit this little sea food shack against some of the finest in the land?

Yes. I do. And it’s secret is down to the overall experience.

It was superb.

The Wheel House is tiny – probably only 35 covers.

It isn’t easy to find – hidden down one of the slips off the main drag, but with no sign other than the menu outside on the wall.

It was dark, but I didn't even see this sign.

It was dark, but I didn’t even see this sign.

There’s no smart reception, no “shall I take your coat sir”, no bar for pre-dinner drinks.

Instead you’re straight into the only room and the volume hits you as you open the door – everyone is having a good time.

Your table is likely to be small and you’ll probably be bumping into your neighbours, don’t don’t let that spoil it – embrace it.

Borrowed from TripAdvisor - this sums it up so well.

Borrowed from TripAdvisor – this sums it up so well.

There are two chefs and four brilliant girls waiting on. All had big smiles, good advice and seemed to love the excitement of the place as much as the guests.

And the food?

Well there isn’t enough choice to warrant a menu.

There are oysters, crabs, scallops, prawns, lobsters, great chips and good bread. That’s about it.

And every last mouthful was amazing.

The wine menu consists red wine, white wine and posh wine. Perfect!

Try it – it’s only open Wednesday – Saturday evenings. There’s no website. Just a number – 01326 318050.

You’ll need to book a long way ahead.

But if you like your seafood fresh and served with joy, it’s worth the effort.