Kernow King at The Acorn

Well, as soon as I started typing Microsoft offended me again as it still considers the word Kernow to be misspelt.

I know I could add it to my online dictionary, and in so doing not have to be irked by the red squiggly line under it every time – but wouldn’t it be nice if Microsoft deigned to add it to theirs?

It feels like material for Kernow King’s hilarious Minority Report show, which we caught at the wonderful Acorn Arts Centre in Penzance last Friday.

Ed Rowe, a Roche boy, created his character Kernow King a few years back and has moved from a cult following of his YouTube videos to having a touring stand up show, and what a bewtie it is!

Kernow King is passionate about Cornwall, pasties and seagulls, the Cornish Alps, but he’s far from blinkered. He sees us, his people of the far west, for the strange bunch we are and exploits our every foible.

Whether it’s moaning about the emits who make our lives in this beautiful part of the world possible, or the tractors that clog up our lanes, but which are the only real industry we have left, if we shoot it down, he’ll hold up the hypocrisy for us all to see. And laugh at.

In two hours Kernow King covered every topic from the ex-pat Cornish overseas who haven’t actually set foot in Cornwall in five generations, to the ludicrous prices paid for a crappy little fisherman’s cottage in St Ives, or Rock.

And my favourite bit – “Small world innum?”

You must all know some old Cornish person who, when you comment that you saw their sister in the Sydney Opera House, or that you ran over a dog in the same place as you ran over a dog last year, comes out with the stock response “Small world innum?” My lovely mum must say small world several times every day, and I’ve long since given up politely, OK, sarcastically, pointing out that no, it’s not really. King though goes one step further and says “Well, if you never leave Roche, then yes, it probably is.”


You haven’t been to Roche?

Well, chances are you have, but you just didn’t notice.

Here’s Kernow Kings tribute to his birthplace and long time home… Roche

The Minority Rapport has a few shows still to come, check out his website for details.

And if you haven’t been to The Acorn – just go. It’s an intimate little venue, and if the event is good, the venue is perfect.


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