Gwenver’s Starey Gazey Board Rider

Meet Salvatore.

Salvatore is something of a star gazer, he often gets so lost in the Milky Way over Tregiffian that he needs some loving person to come along to help him pull himself back together, more literally than you and I.

Recently at Gwenver old Salvo was looking at the heavens when his board got stuck in the stream, but he just carried on, despite the fact he is advised by his doctors not to walk.

Pointing at the north star in glee he left his arm there hanging in mid air, intending to come back for it, but forgetting.

When his legs fell off he just rolled along for a bit until his quiff caused him to come to a standstill, and there he lay, at the mercy of the tides.

Thankfully GioJewel who found first the arm, still pointing, and suspended in mid air, recognised it as the arm of a genius, and searched the beach with his big black comb until all parts were found again.

GioJewel and JewelAnni took him back to New Forge Cottage for the delicate reconstruction operation that has helped Salvatore pull himself together somewhat and gather his thoughts in warm peace and quiet, staring out of the window during his comfortable convalescence.

We’re just a little bit worried that GioJewel seems to have found more parts than the most skilled surgeon can find places for on Salvo’s body. He’s still in shock poor fellow, but maybe when he is stronger we’ll find out whether he had a friend with him and the team can rebuild another of the Salvo gang. If you have any clues do let us know….

It will be a while before Salvo goes down to Gwenver again, but the important thing is that he is happy in his adopted home. You can meet Salvo at New Forge, but please be careful with him, he’s still recovering and feels a little delicate.


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