Wild weather and crab in our bellies!

In just a few days since Wednesday we’ve seen the most amazing range of weather.

Wednesday itself. Drove through snow in Birmingham to get to Tregiffian and have lunch in the garden in tee shirt and shorts.

Thursday. Biblical rains! Flooding all over the place and we had some touch and go times in Gwen, the Morris Minor. Water table obviously still high as the flooding started soon after the rains. Polly and I manage an hour and a half walk in between the torrents, then down it came again.

Friday and Amanda is driving from the north with lovely friends Jeff and Jourine – crazy snow around Birmingham for them too. Yet in the afternoon West Penwith delivered again and the sun welcomed our American and Aussie friends.

Just to balance all that sunny outlook – the Brissons looking moody on Saturday afternoon.

And the crabs in our bellies? The best paella thanks to Jourine. Off to Tremenheere for Sunday lunch now. Oh yes, just now and then, we live well.