We love guests’ comments!

We are always delighted to get guests’ comments, in fact I must photograph the two water colours we were sent by Dave and Dawn. This note from Sharon who stayed at New Forge recently tickled me, so I asked if I could pop it on the blog…

Hi Kelvin And Amanda
Big fat thank you for allowing us the opportunity to stay at New ForgeMMX. It’s a fabulous place, we loved it. Your detailed website site and information made it feel familar from the moment we entered, I have just looked at your availabilty for 01/06/2012 and unsuprisingly it’s booked and July! (perhaps 2013/14/15?)
You did ask for honest feedback, but I can only say positive things which begins to sound a bit sychophantic, so I’ll shut up. Oh apart from the oven, once I bothered to read the instructions it stirred the Delia deep within, made me want to give my basic gas to the Rag Tat man.
Florence (the cat) was very well behaved ,not sure I’d bring her again. mainly because it’s such a resonsibility. She was desperate to get off the harness, I think she’d have returned but didn’t want to risk it.(resident Tregiffian cat? Favourite spot the bench in the dining area and on her cushion on your chair in the upstairs bedroom. Both helped her to deliver 10/15 hour sleep marathons.
We didn’t venture far. Lots of walks on the beach and pub food. The Beach Restaurant and Sennan Market. Its been one big scoff fest.
The fire was toasty, don’t think we used enough fuel initially.
Thanks again hope we left it tidy.
Sharon and Ian