The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness. Catrina Davies.

Love. Adventure. Surf. Travel. Music. But above all self discovery.

This is a great read, an easy read, and one you won’t want to put down. If you’re lucky it’ll even get you thinking and maybe breaking from the humdrum.

A few weeks ago Rachel, the owner of the lovely Trevena Cross Barn at Breage, recommended a local girl’s first publication – The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness.

The book arrived on the morning of a train trip to London, followed by a whole load of meetings around town that would mean lots of tube journeys too.


I was gripped from the off, and in my mind I had pictured Ben’s Rosie as the author. Rosie’s knackered van sat up at Tregiffian for a summer and seemed to fit the bill. If only I knew her surname I would have realised that I was close, very close. Cat’s Rosie’s sister.

The Ribbons doesn’t pull punches.

If you have ever convinced yourself that you can perform to a crowd you’ll probably remember the dread before you launched yourself into your show, be that a presentation, song, comedy.

If you have ever slept in a van with ice on the inside you’ll know it’s no dream journey. If you’ve done it with a broken heart then you’ll be closer to the story than most.

This rollercoaster tale is about facing your demons.

Truly having nothing to lose, and going for it, coming out, stronger, wiser. Better.

Read it when you’re happy.

Read it when you’re sad.

Read it when you’re feeling weak.

Read it when your get up and go has got up and gone.

That train journey got me through most of the book. Reading through the night finished it.

As soon as I got up next day I bought eight copies for friends. Each of those friends has bought it as presents for friends of their own.

I loved The Ribbons and I hope you will too.

Follow Cat on social media stuff and once you’ve read The Ribbons you’ll want to buy her EP too. Here’s her site: Catrina Davies.

I ordered eight copies as soon as I'd finished.

I ordered eight copies as soon as I’d finished.