Hayseed Dixie to headline the Porthleven Food and Music Festival

This year's Portleven Festival - quite a bill.

This year’s Portleven Festival – quite a bill.

The Porthleven Food and Music Festival is new(ish), this will be it’s seventh year. I’ve been known to get a touch sniffy about every village fete up and down the country being called a festival these days, but the Porthleven is a beauty.

The principal is straightforward.

Pull in some celebrity chefs (guess who is on the bill given that he has opened his latest venture on the west pier only a few months back).

Add a few decent bands with a reasonable following.

Then hope the sun shines and your success is nigh on guaranteed.

Last year saw 18,000 visitors on the Saturday according to the West Briton and with the names on this year’s bill it could be even bigger.

On Friday night the irreverent and quite hilarious Hayseed Dixie headline with support from the excellent local Penzance bluegrass outfit Flats and Sharps.

That’s enough to get me there.

What attracted me to the Saturday was the name of the headliners – The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co deserve respect for that if nothing else. I can’t pretend I’d heard of them, but I’ve now spent a happy half an hour watching their videos and making sure that I can be ‘up north’ on the 16th of May to see them play in Lancaster as well.

The Cadgwith singers will bring a change of tune and tone. I used to love singing along with those boys (and girls) at The Cornish Pirates matches when I did a stint working with the rugby team.

That’s not all either – there are many more, check out the full line up on the festival’s site.

I haven’t mentioned the cooking.

Well there’s Mr Padstow Rick Stein, Anthony Worrel Thompson, Dominic Chapman, and others.

Look out for the lovely Caroline Davey from The Fat Hen Foraging and Cookery School. That’s a proper job place that’s down our way too.

It’ll be a fabulous few days from 24 – 26 April.

The week is still available at the wonderful Trevena Cross Barn – get yourself in there, it’s just up the road.