ARCO2 and Umbazi

Anyone who has scanned the shelves at New Forge will know I love great architecture.

Hawkes Point, Carbis Bay

It’s the simple buildings that most appeal to me. The shacks in the middle of nowhere with harpy a facility beyond shelter and a wood burner, the purity of Pawson, or the concrete joy of Tadao Ando.

I hope that New Forge achieves that simplicity, it was what we were seeking when Charly Griffiths and I worked on its design back in 2009.

This week I had an absolute treat when we visited Hawkes Point to see the ARCO2 building being realised there by Umbazi. Umbazi is an interesting build team working with young local lads on a project fuelled by passion and great design, that has seen more challenges than Kevin McCloud could possibly fit into just one programme of Grand Designs.

The site is about 150 metres from the nearest road drop off point, and down a very steep slope. This means that every single item, from a box of essential tea bags, to huge windows, or a wood burring stove, has had to be carried, by hand, to the steep sloping site.

The house will be a private home to some very fortunate people. It offers views that will be up there among the best in the world. You can only really see it from the beach, and it’s worth a trip to this little known beach just to stare up and dream of what it’s like inside.

Porth Kidney, Hayle

I didn’t feel envy – rather I felt inspired, and now I want to create a project for The Cornish Way that involves the beauty, simplicity and honest practises that the design and build team have achieved here.

Well done everyone – and that includes the client, without their faith this wouldn’t have been possible.