A truly distinctive chesterfield!

Myn Tea was always going to be a quite different proposition to New Forge. While New Forge has acres of space, warmth and is unashamedly modern, Myn Tea’s big attraction is the endless views out to sea, and across the fields. In both cottages comfort is key.

For Myn Tea we bought a big old sofa that has just been recovered, and ordered this amazing great chesterfield. This story is about the company as much as the sofa.

Steve Laidlaw set up the business, Distinctive Chesterfields, when he was only 24 and has gradually expended his range over the past few years and includes bespoke pieces such as this. People come to Steve from across the world when they want a quality piece of furniture that’s built to last. I went to the workshop to see the team building the sofas – that in itself seemed deeply reassuring in an age when you almost expect everything to be made by a robot of some sort.

I specified the size (it’s very deep), the leather and the all important two gold buttons that represent the gold and black of the Cornish crest. Then because I like to put my feet up I also asked for the huge footstool too. Steve advised on the leather, steering me away from a more expensive, but less robust grade.

The whole lot was delivered on time and my only regret is that I don’t get anywhere near enough time to sit in it – you definitely sit in rather than on.

I’ll post some better photos when I have them.