Welcome Home Ross Poldark

I was a lad, just reaching double figures, when Poldark first hit the screens. That was back when anything worth seeing on TV was a family event, and I suspect that we all sat down to each of the 29 episodes.

The original was filmed extensively on location, and much of it in the far west at Pendeen, Trewellard, Lamorna, Porthcurno and Lands End. The iconic Wheal Coates near St Agnes got its fair shame of exposure, and so it should have, as the author, Winston Graham, lived much of his life in nearby Perranporth.

I have a memory that the engine house was rebuilt for the first series, and then taken back to its pre-filming state, although I can’t find anything to verify that, and the oracle (mum) isn’t answering her phone.

I don’t remember my folks location spotting, but I bet they did.

We’re delighted to have a new series on now, bringing some well deserved attention to Cornwall, and even if we didn’t see many real locations in the first episode, the countryside looked great.

On Thursday 8th March the first of the new eight part drama was screened on BBC 1 and didn’t the cast look good?

The dark and brooding Irishman Aidan Turner must have raised a few eyebrows, and thankfully he didn’t make any embarrassing attempts at sounding like a West Country lad.

Demelza, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, managed an incredible transformation from downtrodden scumbag to costume drama totty with little more than a cold water lice wash to effect the change. Even her dog perked up with Ross Poldark around.

Having been enchanted by the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall I was looking forward to a similar level of drama, delivering its impact subtly, yet effectively. Poldark certainly doesn’t demand the cerebral involvement of Wolf Hall, but what the hell, it looks great and the cast is stunning. Even the dirty and revolting villagers look like they’ve just stepped from a TOAST shoot.

There’ll be the usual moaning that it wasn’t all filmed in Cornwall. The market scene that could so easily have been Walsingham Place in Truro was actually filmed in Corsham, Wiltshire.

But so long as Botallack’s Crown Mines looks authentic and we see a bit more of the far west I’ll not be complaining.

Right then, best go warm up the set, it’ll be on in an hour.

Wheal Coates (borrowed from stagnes.com). I love this unusual view that doesn't show the sea.

Wheal Coates (borrowed from stagnes.com). I love this unusual view that doesn’t show the sea.

Crown mines, Botallack.

Crown mines, Botallack.

Aidan turner - yeah, I don't know what the fuss is about!

Aidan turner – yeah, I don’t know what the fuss is about!