My ‘points of interest’ map of Cornwall would consist, in this order, of great views, great beaches, and then probably great pubs.

Living in St Just we have the good fortune to have many superb views on the doorstep. They include favourites like the regular morning dog walk up to Carn Bosavern, and the slightly further Carn Kenidjack which overlooks the town, Pendeen, and out to the airport.

The best views though are those that offer both coasts from a single vantage point.

Bring on Trencrom.

Looking up Trencrom from the south.

The hill is an easy climb from most points, and is interesting historically as well as for some of the best views in the far west. It was used as a hill fort in both the neolithic and iron age periods, and mined several times more recently too.

Across to St Michael’s Mount.

Today it offers views over Mounts Bay to the south, including St Michael’s Mount, and the huge expanse of St Ives Bay all the way from Portreath in the North, past Gwithian and around to St Ives.

Friendly herd of Galloways.

New, oh so new.

Polly and I had a good wonder around there yesterday and met the herd of Galloways that the National Trust has introduced to graze the bracken and furze. These are the most gentle and friendly cows. Even the mother of the new calf wasn’t bothered by me being there, she just licked my arm as I was trying to photograph her youngest.

Polly was having none of it though and kept her distance.