Dog sitting at Archavon, St Just.

We recently added a page to our website,, offering to look after guests’ dogs to let them have a free day to visit attractions like The Eden Project, The Scilly Isles, or perhaps for a great, and long, lunch somewhere.

We envisaged an extra set of paws at Archavon during the day while mum and dad enjoyed a guilt free day out.

So imagine our surprise when our first canine customer, Daisy, came for four nights.

Above Cape Cornwall

Above Cape Cornwall

Daisy’s mum is staying for a few days with her daughter at the beautiful Tregiffian Barn where dogs aren’t allowed, and rather than let any pooch go to kennels, we were delighted to welcome her to our home.

I walked the dogs back from Tregiffian to St Just after receiving doggy instructions and her rations.

Sunset on the lane at Tregiffian.

Sunset on the lane at Tregiffian.

It’s always nerve wracking when you first take charge of another dog.

How will they react to other animals?

How will they react to Polly?

Or more to the point, as she’s a feisty soul, how will Polly react to them?

Will they come back if I let them off the lead?

There are plenty of reasons to never take charge of someone else’s dog!

Daisy isn't quite the poser that Polly is.

Daisy isn’t quite the poser that Polly is.

All that aside, Daisy was an ideal first customer.

And talking of posers - KC at The Cape

And talking of posers – KC at The Cape

She’s a calm little lab/beagle cross, enthusiastic and loving, and oblivious to Polly’s shouting.

De Gaulle in his bath

De Gaulle in his bath

The few miles back from Tregiffian were enough for her first night, but then she had some bigger walks on her first full day.

Gunera surging upward at Cot Valley

Gunera surging upward at Cot Valley

Yesterday we were dropped off at Bosigran, the climbers’ cliff, and walked the many miles over Watch Croft where you get the best views in the far west, Chun Castle, and Carn Kenidjack, before the dogs had a good wash in the stream at Tregeseal and then back home. That wasn’t enough though and we did a few more miles in the evening.

From Watch Croft the view is the best in the far west.

From Watch Croft the view is the best in the far west.

Daisy doesn’t have Polly’s speed, but she is determined and runs hard to keep up. And then crashes out as soon as she gets home, ideally in front of the fire.

Tonight was a glorious evening and we took advantage with a proper stank down to Cape Cornwall and on to Cot Valley, most of these photos are from that walk.

Both dogs are lying fast asleep in front of the fire again now.

Brilliant. I hope Daisy loved her time here. And we look forward to welcoming her, or another dog, to Archavon soon.

And here's a curiosity - an emu down the road at Bosorne.

And here’s a curiosity – an emu down the road at Bosorne.


  1. We will be holidaying in St Just and are looking for a dog sitter during our holiday so that we can visit Eden project, go to a performance at the Minack Theatre and perhaps a couple of meals out at night in a restaurant rather than a ‘doggie’ pub! We will be staying from 22nd July to 5th August so these occasions will be during that time. Can you help please? Any information gratefully received. Our dog is a gorgeous little bichon frise who is very loving and easy.

    • Hi Gayle

      I’m you’re staying with The Cornish Way then certainly, we can help.

      If not then I recommend the lady we use when we go away. Kirstein Gill, here’s her Facebook page – you’ll see straight away that the dogs have a great time with her:

      At Eden they now offer dog creche, and you’ll find many of the restaurants here allow dogs.

      Have a great holiday. I hope you find lots of ideas of our pages.

      Best wishes. Kelvin.

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