Thinking of the beauty back home – The Brisons.

I’m sitting on a train from Manchester to London, I’m lucky today, first class on the Virgin pendilino was cheaper than standard, so the air is cool (if a little smelly), the wi-fi is free, and I might even get a sandwich later.

The Cheshire countryside is good, but my thoughts soon turn to the far west of Cornwall.

I was browsing through photos of our last few days at Tregiffian, Sennen and realised that I haven’t loaded these onto the blog yet, so here goes, a couple of shots of my favourite place.

This is the rugged and simple Cape Cornwall, Priest’s Cove, and the Brisons, the evening shot was taken on a walk back from the Kings Arms in St Just. Big news from the Kings – they also own The Square, the new pizza deli next to McFaddens. Pizza is good, and you can take it to the pub to enjoy with something wet.

Through campion hides the Cape and Brisons.

The fisherman’s huts at Priest’s Cove seem to be breeding again. There are a couple that have been fixed up, and even one that’s a tiny piece of beachside architecture. I just wish I could somehow take on the crumbling concrete hut right on the front and create a small single room retreat there.

The Brisons. Late evening. Mid-summer 2014.

The Brisons. Late evening. Mid-summer 2014.

Life’s always better with a shaggy dog photo – here’s Polly, adjusting to normal life after her taste of stardom, about to join me in the sea at Nanquidno.

Polly at Nanquidno.

Polly at Nanquidno.

It’s gratifying to read of guests at Tregiffian who become as captivated with the far west as we are. We have just started taking bookings on 2016, and winter is getting more popular too.

I dream of when we’ll be in the wild west through the crazy months of winter.