Storm Force Ten at Cape Cornwall

So last night when we stood on the balcony it was oh so still.

But by the time I stood up from the desk this afternoon at 3ish and walked to the window there was a serious storm brewing, the waves breaking over Maen Cliff were blowing the full length of the Cove. Nipping down to the beach at Gwenver was the obvious destination to enjoy the storm, but instead we headed over to the Cape.

Wow! The waves rolling over the Brissons and crashing into Priest’s Cove gave an ozone rush and thrill that a bit of wind in the city will never achieve.

You can’t see Storm Force 10, but this is how you lean into it. It’s exhausting, but also exhilarating.

Here come a few photos…

Big storm this afternoon.

Big storm this afternoon.

Stormy day at Priest's CoveCornwall-20131102-01111