Progress update from Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Tremenheere has been a decade and a half in the making, and you can read the story on their website (linked below).

We went along today for a sneaky look at the main building, the visitor centre, restaurant and bar that will be open in just a few more weeks. Walking into such a well designed space can take your breath away, and today, despite the mizzle, the light inside seemed truly special.

We took a short stroll up through the gardens too, I took a few photos, but my favourites are of the door handles to the James Turrell Sky Space. So easy to just pass by, or even handle but not notice, these handles are art in themselves.

More hardcore is Kishio Suga’s representation of repressed energy in modern society, one of two works from the Japanese artist.


We have a lasting love of Tremenheere as Miki and Justin who are bringing Neil Armstrong’s work to the public, masterminding the build of the visitor centre, and then running the whole show lived at Myn Tea for a few years. Their fantastic food and seemingly effortless eye for great design should ensure that this huge and demanding project will bring them the break and recognition they so deserve.