Another stunning Sennen evening

Nights like these leave me thrilled, so glad to be alive, and feeling that I could take on anything.

I drove for hours to get to the Far West today. I had a little sleep at Lamorna, to the west of the Cove, after visiting Maik Voswinkel’s gang staying at Cove House. Sleep suffused with the wonderful perfume of gorse flower and bluebells, and accompanied by the gentle roar of the sea. It is always a roar, but today it is gentle.

Then onwards to Tregiffian where tonight I’m staying at neighbours, Pete and Sue Russell’s place.

5.00 pm and it’s properly hot, gorgeously hot.

A walk down to Sennen, a pint, a chat with a few friends, then back up to Tregiffian. It’s one of those days when you seriously question why you have to go away to work.

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  1. Hi Kelvin, it’s a year ago since we were at New Forge and had a fabulous time even although the weather wasn’t as perfect as it is this year. We’re off on our annual summer holiday this weekend sailing in Greece and Turkey but there’s a big part of me, since looking at your pics, that wishes we were heading down to Cornwall with Bagel the Beagle in tow! Take care hope all is well and hopefully we can visit New Forge again soon! Paula, Baz, Steph and Bagel x

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