The sun also shines in winter… but not this weekend.

I could dust post photos of bright sunshine, amazing scenery, and idyllic summer holidays, but that would be missing the point.

To truly understand and love the incredible little peninsula that is west Cornwall, you have to come in all seasons. And of all of them I prefer winter.

In winter west Cornwall, or better still, west Penwith, is pretty empty. Locals hunker down to avoid the worst of the weather, and all but the luckiest tourists stay away.

But for those who venue out it is such a great experience.

You’re likely to have every conceivable weather (OK, rarely snow) in a day, maybe even in an hour.

The following are from our walk to The Old Success yesterday – and the reward when we got there…

On Gwynver Beach. March 1st.




The reward. HSD and 1913. Worth a wild walk.


Minty and Polly. Not sure which is more scared of the wind and waves.