Dozing off to the roar of the sea

It was a crazy idea.

Start the day in Manchester (very early), drive down to Reigate for a morning meeting, do a couple of hours work, then head off to Cornwall.

Part way through the afternoon I was feeling guilty about the number of hours that Polly the dog had been in her little room at the back to the car. But the rain was absolutely lashing down, visibility was awful, and frequently zero as trucks passed going in the opposite direction on the A303. We couldn’t stop for a long walk.

She is certainly more resilient than me, but then she wasn’t driving.

I had to stop for a little sleep. 30 minutes, a complete programme on Radio 4 missed.

But then a few hours more, and.


We arrived at Tregiffian, installed ourselves in Myn Tea, opened a bottle.

It’s 9.00pm, we left Manchester before 6.00am. Doggo and i were in the little park up north at 5.15am.

But now I’ve just turned the music off, and I can hear the roar of the sea. The wind whips all around.

I know that in a few minutes we’ll head downstairs to bed, for what I hope will be a deep deep sleep, maybe just rising to consciousness now and then to hear the storm rattling around us.

520 miles.

Didn’t quite manage a proper meal, just some road food.

Desperately tired.

But oh my! It was worth it!



That was last night. The storm is still gathering and Polly and I are just back from an exciting haul down to the Old Success for a couple of HSDs (she had pasty).

Here’s a shot from the way down, it’s pitch dark now, and a whole lot more wild! Sorry it’s a tad fuzzy – it was blowing a hoolie!

Wild winter west Cornwall.