Cornish Daffodils.

I should know by now to always take my camera when I go walking, but this afternoon there was fog at Tregiffian and so I decided it wasn’t worth it.

What a shame!

When Polly dog and I got to Gwenver beach the sun was burning through in patches and leaving an erie scene where there was just a clear channel across the sea to the Longships Lighthouse, yet most of the rest of the usual view was obscured.

Today I was contemplating a number of topics as I walked the few minutes along the lane, but as ever the hedgerow tunnel that leads to the beach thrilled me and by the time I’d got to the sand I was so delighted by the beauty of it all, and the concerns just fell away. Strange how in 15 years of visiting this beach regularly, and 30 years of irregular visits before that I never tire of it.

The tide was falling and Polly’s footprints were the first on the virgin sand. It felt both perfect and a beautiful sacrilege.

There are daffodils out all around, and fields of them in front of Tregiffian, the few that I have in New Forge Cottage smell amazing. Shame it’s just the dog and me here to admire them.

A photo of the fields from the camera on the phone couldn’t do them justice. These were just fighting through the dead bracken.

We’ve been to the beach three times today and my legs are feeling it from coming back up the cliff, but I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be used to it again.