The Valley Walk. Nanquidno, Gwenver, Tregiffian.

The most delightful and yet simplest walk from Myn Tea, or New Forge is to head across teh fields and down the Nanquidno valley, past Nanjulian Farm and out to the cliffs. Walk along the cliffs back to Gwenver Beach, up the steps (not as easy as it is to write!) and home.

It’s simple yet it’s magical.

I did it this afternoon between writing a couple of articles and as happens every time, I was just blown away by the range of scenery and the beauty of the cliffs.

I saw choughs for the first time in absolutely ages on the cliffs which just made it better.

Then just a couple of minutes later I looked back just in time to see Longships Light in a patch of sunshine.

You can take ages over this walk, studying the mining remains, watching the seals, the highland cattle, and playing on the beach, but this was just a necessary thing to exercise the dog today and we did the circuit in an hour.

Here are a few others from the past couple of days, starting with an Instagram taken while driving down the lane. Lord Kelvin filter of course!



These pines are a great landmark (from the sea) and they’re on the lovely walk from Lamorna to Mousehole. Stop in Mousehole for lunch, then turn around and see it all from the other way!