The joy of the Cornish winter.

Britain and weather.

Two topics were made for each other.

This small island gets its share of variety from the skies.

You can’t rely on the weather at any time of the year.

So the best thing to do is accept and enjoy it.

Myn Tea garden, October.

Myn Tea garden, October.

Living here on the edge we’re far more aware of the weather than we once were when living in cities.

Taking the dog out several times a day ensures that we experience whatever is happening. Whether we want to or not.

Polly on Gwenver, October 2015.

Polly on Gwenver, October 2015.

And I make a concerted effort to take notice, every time I go out.

Right now it’s glorious, the autumn colours are finally coming to Cornwall, and beautiful it is.

Cliffs near Cot Valley

Cliffs near Cot Valley

It has been sunny for the best part of a month.

I got sunburnt on Wednesday 14th October!

Cape Cornwall with an early setting sun.

Cape Cornwall with an early setting sun.

Our lucky guests have had the best consistent weather Cornwall has experienced since June.

Yet despite the glorious weather right now, the time I’m most looking forward to is yet to come.

Gwenver - October.

Gwenver – October.


Bring it on.

One day storms.

The next day sunshine to warm your soul.

And of course let’s not pretend here – there’s a lot of rain too.

Winter in the far west is an exciting time.

The skeletons of the trees make an interesting change.

The sea is still OK to swim in provided you take a dip regularly and so are accustomed to the gradual fall in temperature.

The Christmas morning swim at Sennen is an exciting event with participants now numbering in the hundreds.

After Christmas though it’s worth avoiding until after Easter for all but the most hardy souls – or wear a wetsuit.

And the other joy is that Cornwall’s empty. You can walk for miles on the coast paths some days and not see anyone.

All of the cottages at The Cornish Way have lovely woodburners, from the cute little Edna at Myn Tea, to the big beast at The Old Dairy that Mark, the owner, often cooks on. Trevena Cross has just had its burner fitted and I’ll take some photos of it next week.

Don’t wait for the February half term when everything will be busy again – take off now and enjoy the isolation, the peace, quiet, and maybe a storm too.