Sarah’s Peace and Plenty Relish travels from the west to the North

When you’re driving down the lane to Tregiffian you’ll pass the wonderfully named house Peace and Plenty, it’s a good place to park for Gwenver if you’re not staying at Tregiffian.

Sarah who lives there is making something of a name for herself with the great kick ass chilli relish she makes and sells from the car park attendant’s hut, from Sennen Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays and elsewhere.

That elsewhere now includes the lovely deli Epicerie Ludo in Chorlton, South Manchester. Here’s Ludo’s first delivery just before it left the far west:

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  1. brought sarah’s extra hot chilli relish home bought from newlyn cheese shop whilst staing in Trewellard last week. wow its the best we have tasted and wished we had bought more. can we buy on line?


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