Our mascot gets a haircut

We love our four legged friends at The Cornish Way.

Today our very own mascot, Polly, went through her annual transformation from bear to svelte poodle like creature.

Four hours in the barber’s! Now I know my follicles have been challenged for some time, but even back in my hairy heyday my barber (and dad)  would be finished within 15 minutes.

Polly bounced from the barber’s chair, or grooming table, and bounced and jumped and ran for the next hour, shouting her joy, jumping into the river to cure herself of the lovely shampoo smell.

I love her hairy, but I particularly love her reaction to be freed of all its weight.

At The Cornish Way we welcome dogs at most of the cottages, and better still, the beach down the lane, Gwenver, is dog friendly all year.

Polly the bear.

Polly the bear.

Lighter, faster, happier. The svelte new Polly burst forth.

Lighter, faster, happier. The svelte new Polly bursts forth.