For the love of guests

We were away at Christmas, staying in a self catering cottage on the west coast of Scotland.

Four of us in the wilds, fulfilling a promise to each other to take a Christmas escape.

I was hoovering the bedroom one morning when one of our friends said, “I bet not many of your guests do that”.

And that set me thinking about our guests and what a wonderful bunch of people the vast majority turn out to be.

It’s a difficult and personal thing letting your house to someone. Even if it’s a holiday home it still has a deep emotional attachment, perhaps even more than that of your everyday home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that…

I care as much about those lovely houses we look after for other people as I do for our own, because I know the pain and concern that engulfs you when something goes wrong, particularly when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Thankfully our guests generally look after the houses well. Some even leave gifts, such as a hamper from some Germans back in the summer, this lovely piece of beach art (he even has his own story),

Star Gazer

Star Gazer

and the water colours of a particular Dawn who has made several visits. I have two of them in front of my desk now. At Christmas a certain Dr Bernd sent a wonderful selection of Lebkuchen not only to us, but also to the owners of Westmoor Farm where he stayed. These are soft ginger biscuits, chocolate covered – and my favourites have bitter cherries in them.

Lebkuchen from Germany, gorgeous!

Lebkuchen from Germany, gorgeous!

Then how about these from Poppy and Daisy, two regulars who take Polly to the beach when they’re there. They have their own poodle cross now, I hope it’ll get on with our Polly.

Happy Birthday Polly, from Poppy and Daisy.

Happy Birthday Polly, from Poppy and Daisy.

The joy of offering great accommodation isn’t in what we might receive in return though, it’s the lovely words from guests when they return home, or when their friends ring to make a booking on their recommendation. When people come back year after year you know you are getting it right.

And I know they often do hoover – I have to change the bag most times I go home.

Thank you all for looking after our lovely cottages so well. We appreciate it and in return do all we can to make your experience a great one.

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