What to do in Cornwall in the rain.

We are lucky to enjoy a milder climate in the far west than most of the country, but mild doesn’t necessarily mean dry.

Though it pains me to admit it, sometimes the rain falls in Cornwall just like the rest of the country, although I like to think that it tends to come and go faster.

Many guests at Tregiffian actually enjoy a spell of bad weather saying that it gives them the chance to take advantage of all the books, and the fact that the cottages are great no matter what the weather.

But I know from my own experience that the joy can wear thin.

I intend to write a comprehensive list of things to do when the weather isn’t at its best. I’ll put each under the category of “What to do in Cornwall in the rain” so that you’ll be able to read each piece consecutively rather than needing to search for them.

Here’s the first. It’s obvious, but it can also be life changing.

Go surfing.

It's so tiring on the beach.

It’s so tiring on the beach.

If your children learn to surf they’ll never care about a wet holiday again.

If you too learn to surf you may give yourself a new lease of life.

For years I’ve been recommending Dave Muir’s Sennen Surfing Centre. Over the past few years I have sent so many families Dave’s way, and always received great feedback.

Dave is based under The Beach, now Ben Tunicliffe at The Beach, the rather smart restaurant at the end of the first car park in Sennen Cove.

You’re unlikely to learn on one of these though.


Yellow Duck Belly Board

I bought this fabulous looking belly board from Paul Marshall at Yellow Duck Pine. Paul makes some great outdoor furniture, and these boards. I’ll tell you more about it once I’ve had a go. This one’s in New Forge for guests to use, there’s one in Myn Tea too.

If I love it I’ll encourage all the cottage owners to invest in one.