The best self catering holidays near Sennen Archive

Weddings at Tregiffian

It’s always encouraging when guests book to come back to one of the cottages again. It’s the best recommendation we could hope for. But then when people get as emotionally connected to the cottages as we are then it’s better still. Back at the end of the summer we were delighted when a lovely couple, […]

Evening sun, wine, friends – does it get better than this?

What an amazing day. You arrive at Tregiffian, buoyed on by the adrenaline that helps you forget just how tired you are from weeks of working too many hours. You’re excited. Next day comes the dip. And for me this time it was a big dip. Yesterday, despite knowing that I was in my favourite […]

The sun also shines in winter… but not this weekend.

I could dust post photos of bright sunshine, amazing scenery, and idyllic summer holidays, but that would be missing the point. To truly understand and love the incredible little peninsula that is west Cornwall, you have to come in all seasons. And of all of them I prefer winter. In winter west Cornwall, or better […]

Storm Force Ten at Cape Cornwall

So last night when we stood on the balcony it was oh so still. But by the time I stood up from the desk this afternoon at 3ish and walked to the window there was a serious storm brewing, the waves breaking over Maen Cliff were blowing the full length of the Cove. Nipping down […]

Dark Skies at Tregiffian

OK. I know that the official definition of dark skies refers to those most rare spaces where there is no light pollution, and here at Tregiffian we have the twinkling lights of Sennen, and a hint of glow from the St Just metropolis, but hey it’s still pretty dark. Just look at this photograph of […]

Images of Cornwall – a guest’s album.

For anyone reading this blog, have a look at this link which will take you to an album of wonderful photographs from Julian Marment, a recent guest at Myn Tea. It’s lovely when a guest sends you some photos of their holiday with The Cornish Way, but rarely are they quite like these. Bear with it, […]

Mono No Aware, or slowing down to seize the moment, with care.

There are moments in life that seem so perfect, so beautiful, that you want to seize them, perhaps re-create them. Yet that very beauty lies in its ephemeral nature, at its most potent the moment before it disappears. The only thing to do is slow down. Enjoy that moment, putting all else aside. This isn’t […]

Another stunning Sennen evening

Nights like these leave me thrilled, so glad to be alive, and feeling that I could take on anything. I drove for hours to get to the Far West today. I had a little sleep at Lamorna, to the west of the Cove, after visiting Maik Voswinkel’s gang staying at Cove House. Sleep suffused with […]

Wild weather and crab in our bellies!

In just a few days since Wednesday we’ve seen the most amazing range of weather. Wednesday itself. Drove through snow in Birmingham to get to Tregiffian and have lunch in the garden in tee shirt and shorts. Thursday. Biblical rains! Flooding all over the place and we had some touch and go times in Gwen, […]

What Is Beauty?

After I wrote the blog below about winter holidays in Cornwall it got me thinking about the things we love, what we might consider beautiful, be it music, a picture, a scene, and that got me questioning how much of our perception of beauty is conditioned. Let’s consider that love of winter. When I was […]