An amazing place for a winter break.

A prospective guest asked me yesterday to send through some additional photos that would give him an idea of how Cornwall looks in the winter.

That was an easy request! I love being in Cornwall through the winter, you feel so in touch with what feels like a more real version of life. When I started flicking through the thousands of shots on my iPhoto library I realised that many of the best were taken on cold crisp winter days, and there are a few where I’ve braved it and taken the phone out for a shot when it has been throwing it down with rain too.

When there’s just a few millimetres of glass between you and a raging storm you can’t help notice, and hopefully you’ll be thrilled by it. The clouds roll in over the Scilly Isles and the sea roars its angry response.

We were staying in Myn Tea just before Christmas when the biblical weather caused such problems in neighbouring Helston. I loved sitting safe and warm on the vast sofa in Myn Tea watching the clouds rush in over the Atlantic, then rattle the windows as they unleashed yet more rain. We didn’t want to leave and it was with heavy hearts that we set off down the lane in time for the Clarkes to arrive for their Christmas holidays.

Yes it’s lovely to sit on the beach – and I certainly love that too. But if I was forced to chose a time to be in Cornwall it would be the wild empty winter for me. And staying in a West Cornwall luxury self catering cottage means you can have all the excitement, but still kick back in total comfort.

Another joy of winter is that without too much effort you can catch both sun rise and sunset every day. Although I’m usually out for both I rarely remember the camera or phone.